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Our Delivery Information

We deliver medication worldwide, using postal services like USPS, DHL and others. All medication is covered in thick non-transparent wrapping so that the content of the package is hidden. Our medication has a very high delivery rate that approaches 100%, for our shippers and suppliers have collected a lot of experience. It is going to be confidential and the delivery can be to your home, office, PO Box or in some cases to your local post office.

Delivery time may vary from 4-5 days to 4-5 weeks: first case is if we will find a domestic stock of your product, second case is the scenario when your parcel is delivered from Asia and the delivery company lacks planes to ship it in time because of the COVID-19 situation. Please contact us for the details of your particular product location. You will be able to track the whereabouts of your parcel using the tracking information that we will provide. It takes a couple of days for the Tracking Number to start functioning, so it is best to start tracking it 3-5 days after the dispatch.

We are proud of how effective our client service is. Most of our business is built on return clientele, so we try to control the quality of medication and shipping. If any part of your order gets lost, damaged or held up by the customs (although these situations are surprisingly rare), we can offer you a free reship of the part of the order that has been damaged or held up or, alternatively, some complementary pills to your next order.

Please note that when filing for a reship we would appreciate it if you could email us the picture of the damaged part with the tracking number showing and the commentaries about what is wrong with the parcel.