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Men over 30 have always been prompt to increased risk of impotence. Today the percentage is growing. Hard work, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, alcohol, sitting a lot through the day – all that is bad for men’s prostate and impacts sexual function. Regular prostate exam can detect hypertrophy, cancer or pre-cancer conditions. Prevention is always better than care, so it is important to prevent hypertrophy of prostate.
Anti-inflammatory suppositories can reduse inflammation and prevent hypertrophy. It is important to treat the reason behind the inflammation and not just a symptom. There is a number of STDs that can show no symptoms besides inflammation, that can go unnoticed for years.
Regular sex life – in order to maintain healthy prostate a man has to empty it approximately two times a week. For that it is helpful to use medication that helps to get an erection.
There are several types of such medication. First and still widely used is Viagra. Viagra is an anti ED bestseller. It helps cavernous bodies in penis to get filled with blood. Viagra has a relatively short time of use and relatively small amount of side effects. It should be taken an hour before desired intercourse, the pill should not be taken with alcohol (although the ingredients don’t interact – alcohol tends to dilate the blood vessels making erection more difficult to obtain) or fatty food – the fat coats the walls of the stomach and intestine impeding the absorption. Fat also does not interact with ingredients of Viagra, the prevention of the action is strictly mechanical.
Most frequent side effects can include blurred vision nausea and increased blood pressure. All those symptoms are reversible and not life threatening, which made Viagra a popular drug to be taken without prescription.
Viagra has its brand look – a diamond shaped blue pill. One of the names associated with Viagra was a founder of Play Boy magazine Hue Heffner. He claimed to be sexually active at a rather old age and we have no reasons to doubt that.
Cialis has an action very similar to Viagra, only it lasts longer. Viagra can get you busy on Friday night but Cialis can take the whole weekend.
This medication can be a lot of help, especially if there is no physical damage to a male reproductive system and erectile dysfunction is psychological or simply caused by tiredness.
Psychological confidence combined with phosphodiesterase inhibitors (the class of Cialis and Viagra) can be a powerful mixture.
If you want to be confident that you are going to have sex with your girlfriend tonight – Viagra is the next best thing after Rohypnol.
Another great medicine that is widely used by men all over the world to improve their sexual performance is Priligy.
Once getting the erection is not a problem – there is another threat that can make a long expected intercourse a disappointment. Premature ejaculation is a quite common problem. Priligy can decrease the level of sensation in the penis and delay the ejaculation, allowing both partners to enjoy the intercourse. Sex is certainly more interesting as a process than as a fact, so using Priligy can give you and your girlfriend more time to try different things in bed.
In Men’s Sexual Health section, you can find medication that can significantly improve your sexual performance. The medication for men can often have different forms to make it not obvious that this kind of medication is being taken. There are patches, jelly, gum or soft tabs.
This kind of medication is rather safe to use. Of course, Viagra and Cialis have a long list of side effects if you look them up on the internet, but none of those symptoms is life threatening in healthy person, and every drug that has been so popular for such a long time is bound to have a long list of side effects. It means that many different men have tried it many times and that many clinical trials were held on it. We recommend consulting with your doctor before taking that medication, however, because erectile dysfunction can hide some deeper pathology as well as being a simple result of stress age and unhealthy lifestyle.
When using the right medication – everyone can be a superstar in bed.

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