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The importance of mental health can not be exaggerated – when the mind ruins – it is the destruction of the whole world. Memories, feelings, personality – we take these things for granted, we barely even notice them, however many people are deprived of them and it is as devastating as devastating can be.
Nootropics, such as pircetam and methylphenidate are often used to enhance cognitive function. There is a lot of herbal meds for that purpose as well. Extract of gingho biloba tree or piracetam are claimed to improve memory, cognitive functions, reaction, although some doctors argue that there is no strong clinical research proving their effectiveness. They improve the blood circulation in the brain and because of that the cognitive functions are improved. The percentage is small, but sometimes even one percent matters. A lot of this medication is forbidden for use in competitions like chess tournaments that can alter the outcome of the match, and this fact can be seen as an indirect proof of their effectiveness.
Nootropics are prescribed to people to improve memory and also are popular among students during the exams. Old people also take them to prevent dementia. Effective or not – there is no harm.
Some Antidepressants can prevent the loss of cognitive function as a result of certain conditions. Selegiline for example is an antidepressant, from the class of MAO inhibitors. Selegiline can prevent onset of Parkinsons disease by inhibiting the reuptake of certain neuromediators. Serotonin, dopamine and Norepinephrine are the neurotransmitters affected by the Parkinsons disease, so by inhibiting their reuptake Selegiline gives the patient an opportunity to move normally (they may inhibit the tremors).
When Selegiline wears off the tremors are back.
Much more popular for that purpose is Levodopa – a classical first line medication for treating Parkinsons.
Interestingly that similar mechanism of action has cannabis, which makes it a medicinal marijuana.
Amphetamine can also increase mental abilities, speed of reactions, concentration and cognitive functions. This medication is used in smaller dosage to treat attention deficit disorder.
In this section, there are drugs that are used to prevent mental illnesses when possible, but mostly to alter the condition that already exists. Unfortunately, most mental illnesses are not curable, only treatable. In cases when it is impossible to prevent the deterioration of the mind – it is usually still possible to alter the symptoms.
Patients with depression, anxiety, memory loss and agitation can significantly improve their condition by taking certain drugs. Anxiety can be treated by taking neuroleptics or antipsychotics. Insomnia can be treated by barbiturates and benzodiazepines. Seizures can be treated by barbiturates and benzodiazepines as well.
Any of these symptoms should not be treated individually without looking at the whole picture. Only a mental health professional can assess the risks and prescribe the correct medication.
Depression for example can be a symptom to many other serious conditions and diseases and the key to successful treatment it a well done differential diagnosis.
To the Mental Health category are attributed drugs that can alter psychological state. Some drugs can increase the functionality, like amphetamines can speed up all the cognitive processes. In patients with depression that would be the perfect choice, but not for mania.
On the contrary – people with bipolar disorder in maniacal phase can use anxiolytics, but people in depression will only aggravate their condition if they do.
That is why it is so important to know exactly what kind of mental health disorder needs to be treated, the medication for that and the dosage for its treatment.

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