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It is important to be slim. In the late nineties, it was fashionable to be skinny, which was followed by a body positive movement. Therefore, the points of view divided – one said that being skinny is attractive; the other said that being chubby can be attractive as well and it is all about the fashion and advertising.
It does not matter who is right, because being skinny is also healthy and that is important. There are special tables where the excess body weight is calculated in accordance with age sex and height. There is nothing unhealthy about being chubby, but being morbidly obese can do a lot of damage and it needs to be corrected.
Excess body weight can cause a very wide scope of problems – from infertility both in men and in women to diabetes, osteoarthrosis, heart problems and hormonal imbalance.
Fat tissue can produce hormones, estrogens that alter not only how we look, but also how we feel and function.
There are several ways to treat obesity medicinally. One way is to burn extra calories. For that purpose, the drug called Phentermine is most commonly used. It resembles amphetamine in molecular structure and in action. Phentermine gives you speed and restlessness required to burn fat; it will also give you the energy to work out. Best receipt for slim body is exercise, and slimming medication is prescribed in combination with diet and physical activity. If you keep eating up and sitting on the couch all day – Phentermine is unlikely to help, although it is capable of burning some fat even without any physical efforts from the patient.
Another way to get slim is to slow down the absorption of calories. Fast sugars get absorbed quickly and it is dangerous to play with insulin and glucose levels. Lipids on the other hand have much more calories and can be prevented from absorption by medication called Orlistat and similar to it. Orlistat blocks the absorption of lipids – oil, fats, margarine and butter that are present in almost every meal, at least in every meal that is tasty.
Prevention from lipids is not as dangerous as proteins, for example, although we do need them for cell membranes, but patients certainly have enough deposits to last for the course of treatment. There is a significant side effect though – because the lipids are not absorbed – they remain in the digestive system, therefore the stool will be oily, sticky, floaty and smelly, moreover lipids will cause often defecation which is socially awkward. This type of medication is really effective if you can stand the side effects (we don’t even mention minor effects like less beautiful skin, for they are nothing compared to explosive diarrhea). This is a choice if you are working from home or stay at home during pandemic.
Also, this is a great mechanism of getting used to low fat foods. The less fat is contained in the food you eat while taking orlistat – the less lipids will remain in the digestive tract, therefore the diarrhea will be less potent. Lots of people forget about this correlation and underrate orlistat, but it can do magic if combined with low fat diet and exercise. It has a significant advantage over stimulants like amphetamine or phentermine, for when on phentermine people can still eat as much as they want (although amphetamines decrease appetite), orlistat on the other hand will punish you for every extra fry you take.
Finally there is herbal medication. It has exotic names and those plants are mostly from somewhere in Asia. Many patients think “herbal” is safer, but it is a matter of choice, really, for at least with orlistat and phentermine you know what you are taking, there have been clinical trials, you know what side effects can be expected and how others dealt with them. Also the medication has a single component, while herbals are usually a mix, which increases the risk of side effects.
The best advice with herbal medicine is to have some evidence of its effectiveness from a friend, to try it in small doses at first, for every organism can have individual reactions to the same component, and to talk to your doctor or diet expert before trying it.

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