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Eldepryl (Selegiline)

Eldepryl (Selegiline)


Selegiline, also known as L-deprenyl and sold under the brand name Eldepryl, is a medication which is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and major depressive disorder.



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Parkinsons is a condition, in which the lack of dopamine causes tremors, speech and walk impairments and dementia. It is caused by the lack of dopamine in certain parts of the brain, so, usually the treatment for the lack of dopamine is dopamine – the drug is called Levodopa. But in cases when Levodopa is no longer effective or you want to make it more effective without increasing the dose – you should buy Eldepryl.

What is eldepryl?

Eldepryl, or selegiline hydrochloride is an anti-parkinsonism medication, that acts by inhibiting the enzyme, responsible for reuptake of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter – a substance used in communication between neurons. One neuron produces some amount of dopamine, another reads it, and produces some more dopamine or other neurotransmitter or shows some action (terminal neuron). After the dopamine has been secreted into the synapse, neuron sips it back it, so that he could use it again when needed. If the problem is that there isn’t enough dopamine secreted, selegiline hydrochloride impedes its reuptake, so that after the cell has secreted some amount it won’t sip it back it, but rather produce some new if it has to communicate again. Selegiline uses cell’s potential to produce new neurotransmitter instead of recycling. This is the mechanism of action of selegiline hydrochloride in short.

Selegiline uses can be versatile – the medication can be used for any condition involving the lack of Dopamine.

In the case of an undiagnosed Parkinson’s disease, or if you diagnosed it on early stages, the use of selegiline slows the progression of the disease, delays its progression and the need for levodopa-containing drugs, and reduces the rate of disease development.

To understand better the effects of selegiline, lets take a moment to talk about dopamine, for all eldepryl (selegiline) does – it increases the levels of this hormone. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter; it helps to transfer signals between neurons. It is also a hormone of happiness and euphoria – whenever you feel great for no reason it would be safe to assume that your dopamine levels are elevated. It is the hormone of love – there were theories connecting its levels in blood to being in love, but the body chemistry turned out to be more complicated than that, what we have found out for sure is dopamine is definitely involved. This hormone is being secreted when we work hard for some reward or when we try something delicious.

Fun fact about selegiline hydrochloride – its mechanism of action is inhibition of dopamine reuptake, another popular drug with the same mechanism of action, and therefore effect is cocaine.

Based on the actions of dopamine we can deduct (the deductions are confirmed by eldepryl prescribing information) the effects of selegiline hydrochloride:

1) Low selegiline dosage can be used in addition to levodopa when using levodopa alone is no longer enough. Parkinson’s tends to progress, the amounts of dopamine in the synapses are getting smaller and smaller and the doses of levodopa that used to make the symptoms go away are no longer effective. That is when you have to buy eldepryl. Even small selegiline dosage added to levodopa can increase the effect dramatically, for one drug adds dopamine and another stops it from being ruined and makes it keep acting. That is for the use of selegiline as a neurotransmitter.

2) If dopamine is the hormone of love – can we use eldepryl for depression treatment? Nowadays people buy eldepryl to treat that, but it is not the first line medicine. Depression is traditionally treated by antidepressants, Celexa or Prozac. Some amphetamines might be helpful with improving the motor inactivity associated with depression, but eldeprryl is not the first line medicine for that condition, non the less, it is very promising as a side medication. Eldepryl in the body is partially metabolized into amphetamine – that is why it has a stimulating effect. There is eldepryl for depression in the form of a patch – ELSAM. It showed promising results, it improves the situation with low mood (if cocaine does it – eldepryl certainly can, as they are the twin drugs), and the amphetamine part makes motor inactivity go away.  Also, it depends on the selegiline dosage. Lower doses like selegiline 5 mg tablets are used to treat Parkinsonism, in higher doses, we use eldepryl for depression treatment. It is important to remember, that MAO reuptake inhibitors do not resolve depression instantly, that may take several weeks.

3) Dementia in the elderly. Selegiline hydrochloride is used to treat senile dementia, for that the usual selegiline dosage is 5 mg or lower.

4) Cocaine dependency – as eldepryl shares a common mechanism of action with cocaine, it can be used to treat the dependency. Because selegiline hydrochloride can blunt the euphoria from cocaine and still act on the same receptors – that makes it a very good potential replacement therapy drug. The clinical trials on this one are still going on.

Selegiline side effects:

First of all, the increased dopamine can lead to peripheral vessels constriction and increased heart rate. It is not what eldepryl is normally used for, because this effect is less significant than in, for example noradrenaline, it is, however always mentioned in eldepryl prescribing information.

Second of all, dopamine is produced from tyramine, and if your body will have abundance of this amino acid – it will keep producing, and that, combined with inhibited reuptake may lead to tyramine syndrome.  Because of that, patients receiving selegiline 5 mg tablets twice a day and more are recommended to keep a so called tyramine diet – avoid soy sauce, fruits, chocolate, cheese, red wine, avocado, bananas etc.  Patients who buy selegiline in patches may keep it less strictly, but still, the dietary conditions apply to everyone.

Eldepryl side effects may also include euphoria, constipation, short term memory loss and aggressiveness – all may appear in long term use and high dosages. That leads us to the next question – what selegiline dosage is safe?

Selegiline dosage

If you buy eldepryl online – you should consult with your doctor first. Parkinsonism is a condition that is extremely unlikely to be effectively treated without professional medical help. Normally the dosage starts with 5mg, but it can and should be corrected depending on the severity of the condition, body mass, age etc.

The ways and methods of application also matter, for transdermal application the normal dose is six to twelve mg, taken orally the usual dose is five mg, and in compounds with other drugs that potentiate or add to eldepryl activity it may be as low as one mg.

In most countries you can buy selegiline in a pharmacy with prescription, it is not a controlled medication. Initially it was invented to treat mood disorders and was tested in much higher dosages – 50-60 mg, so overdose is also unlikely if you are taking the regular 5 mg. Today you can buy eldepryl online without prescription, especially popular is selegiline generic – it is cheaper and shows the same effect as selegiline original.


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