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Lioresal (Baclofen)

Lioresal (Baclofen)


Baclofen, sold under the brand name Lioresal, is a medication used to treat muscle spasticity such as from a spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis. It may also be used for hiccups and muscle spasms near the end of life.

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What is baclofen

Baclofen lioresal is an anti-spastic medication used to treat spasms in the muscles as a result of spinal cord trauma or multiple sclerosis. It is a selective GABA-B antagonist, GABA receptors slow down the nervous system (very roughly speaking, but in this article we don’t aim to explain all the pharmacology and physiology behind the baclofen mechanism of action, so this approximation should suffice), causing the nervous impulses to decrease/slow down and therefore muscles relax and if there was pain caused by muscle spasm or ischemia as a result of the spasm – it makes the pain go away. The analgesic action is caused not just by decompression of the nerves, but also by the suppressing of the nervous impulse transmission through the nerve.

Lioresal tablets effectively decrease muscle tone and skin reflexes, but only insignificantly diminishes tendon reflexes amplitude. Although according to baclofen mechanism of action it mainly works through acting on the peripheral nervous system on the level of spinal cord, it may also penetrate the blood brain barrier (small fraction) and cause its action on the central nervous system. People baclofen for anxiety, alcoholism or muscle spasm treatment, but they should know that lioresal increases the gastric secretion.

Baclofen tablet starts acting an hour after taking it and its action lasts for 8 hours. It can be used to treat spasms in patients with palsy, head trauma, spinal cord injury, degenerative changes, spinal hernias and cancers.

Baclofen for anxiety

Lioresal has been proven to reduce anxiety in alcoholics, thus helping to treat alcoholism. Despite the fact that people often use baclofen for anxiety, it is not narcotic and is not even a habit forming drug. After admission, some small fraction of the drug can interact with the central nervous system making you sleepy and dizzy, but the majority of action is concentrated in the peripheral nervous system.

Baclofen dosage

Like with many drugs that work with the nervous system, baclofen dosage has to be set individually. It is not like paracetamol, where you can calculate the dosage per body weight and know that it would work.

When you buy lioresal – you should be prepared that you will have to adjust the dose. Usually it is recommended to start with lioresal 10mg and see if there is a clinically significant effect, if there is none, it is recommended to switch to lioresal 25mg, but the daily dose should not exceed lioresal 80mg.

To minimize possible baclofen side effects, the dose of baclofen 10 mg can be even divided into two, and you can start taking it by 5mg, increasing the dose by 5 mg every time when you need it. We pay so much attention to the dosage because if you decided to buy lioresal online – there is a chance that you probably don’t have a prescription for it, and muscle relaxants are recommended to take under doctors control. If there is an overdose – there is a possibility that the muscles used for breezing are paralyzed, and that can be lethal. There is no specific antidote for lioresal, which makes it even more dangerous.

So if you have noticed that a person taking lioresal tablets experiences absence of breathing (or the breathing is depressed), he is in a coma or he vomited – you should immediately seek for medical assistance. Even after a person who overdosed on lioresal is out of coma – the relaxation of the muscles can remain for three days.

Baclofen side effects

Lioresal can cause dizziness, drowsiness and sleepiness, so it should be avoided by people who plan to operate machinery while on it.

The drug should be cancelled in steps, for if a patient is taken off the drug abruptly it may cause withdrawal effects – increased muscle spasms and hallucinations may appear.

Lioresal should not be taken simultaneously with lithium, because if taken together they can increase the spasms.

Also, people who buy baclofen should be aware of the fact that it can increase the hypotensive effect of the hypotensive drugs, so the correction of the dosage is required.

Buy lioresal

The best way to purchase this muscle relaxant is to buy lioresal online. Lioresal tablets that you buy online will not be identical to the lioresal tablets in your local pharmacy, but they will have the same effect. The reason for that is that lioresal online is usually generic – the drug that has the same lioresal baclofen active ingredient but the shape and color might be different. A couple of inactive ingredients may be added to prevent the copyright infringement accusations from the company that developed it, so you might want to check those ingredients with the online pharmacy, because they may contain lactose, sugar or some other ingredients you might be allergic to.

It is very rewarding to buy lioresal baclofen online, for the price will probably be different from your local pharmacy, where they would want to charge you an arm and a leg. It is a perfect option if you agree to wait for your package to come, usually generic lioresal is imported from Asia.

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