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Priligy (Dapoxetine)

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Commercial Name: Priligy
Principal Ingredient: Dapoxetine
Utilization: Treats Premature Ejaculation 
Available Dosage: 30mg, 60mh and and 90mg

Category Men's Sexual Health


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30.0 mg (EU2EU) 90 pills €119
30.0 mg (EU2EU) 180 pills €200
30.0 mg (EU2EU) 360 pills €372
60.0 mg (EU2EU) 10 pills €65
60.0 mg (EU2EU) 30 pills €75
60.0 mg (EU2EU) 60 pills €114
60.0 mg (EU2EU) 90 pills €154
60.0 mg (EU2EU) 180 pills €260
60.0 mg (EU2EU) 360 pills €481
90.0 mg (EU2EU) 10 pills €71
90.0 mg (EU2EU) 30 pills €98
90.0 mg (EU2EU) 60 pills €149
90.0 mg (EU2EU) 90 pills €200
90.0 mg (EU2EU) 180 pills €336
90.0 mg (EU2EU) 360 pills €624

If a man has a problem with erectile dysfunction, then the best solution is the right drug. Viagra is no longer the only method for obtaining male power. The modern pharmaceutical market creates new drugs that have a longer effect time. Such medicaments have an active component that increases blood flow to the penis and helps the patient get a long erection. Some drugs help with the treatment of premature ejaculation. One such drug is Priligy (Dapoxetine).

What is Priligy?

 Priligy was made for treating premature ejaculation in men aged 18 to 65. This medication has an active element - dapoxetine. This affects the function of the male genital organ and allows making an erection lasting. If the patient has sexual stimulation and wants to control ejaculation, then this medication will help to do this. Also, such tablets are recommended for patients as a treatment for mental illness (personal disorders or interpersonal problems). But most often, the doctor prescribes this medicine specifically for patients with premature ejaculation problems.

How does Priligy work?

 If to compare Priligy and Viagra, then the first medication has a different purpose. Its active component affects the production of serotonin. This hormone helps to transmit messages from nerve endings to your brain. Your reaction and your sensations also depend on the production of serotonin. This drug increases the activity of this hormone and the time of ejaculation becomes longer. A man can control ejaculation and get several sexual contacts with the ending after taking one pill. If you want to get the desired effect, take one pill 1-3 hours before sex.

Priligy dosage

 A doctor recommends men from 18 to 65 to take a dosage of Priligy 30mg. One such tablet contains 30 mg of an active ingredient. There is also a dosage of 60 mg, but this is not recommended for patients who first decided to try this medication. Take one pill before the intended sex. It is important to remember that this medicine should not be taken by people with dehydration - drink a glass full of clean water. If you did not feel the effect, then you can take the second pill, but only after a day. A dose of 60 mg is the maximum limit - do not exceed this. Side effects can occur at different dosages, but exceeding 60 mg can lead to bad consequences.

 The doctor checks the body's reaction to this drug only after 4 weeks of treatment. This allows getting complete data on the interaction of the drug and your body. Then the doctor decides to create an individual dosage for you based on the reaction of the body and the appearance of side effects. It is also important to remember that this medicine is prohibited for children and men over 65. Patients with renal failure also needed to be careful. Read the list with contraindications attentively because this drug is prohibited for some patients. It is also important to find out the features of your body, so do not take this medication without consulting your doctor.

Priligy side effects

 The list of side effects from taking Priligy tablets is quite large and this can be divided into several points. Studies have been conducted to identify side effects in three groups of men. Body features and medical history showed that side effects can be divided into three categories (according to the frequency of their occurrence).

 Stop taking this medication if you feel: cramps, dizziness, and fainting, a change in mood, thought of suicide or a desire to harm yourself. The medicine is prohibited for people with dehydration. This could be due to excessive sweating, fever, diarrhea, or illness. Other symptoms include nausea or an unstable heartbeat.

 Common side effects: headache, weakness, irritation, excessive agitation, numbness of certain parts of the body, excessive sweating, problems with getting an erection, anxiety, bloating, abdominal pain, scary dreams, insomnia, frequent yawning, fatigue, nasal congestion, increased blood pressure, trembling, decreased libido, tinnitus, vision problems, dry mouth.

 Rare side effects: mood swings, disorientation, embarrassment, paranoia, heart palpitations with an irregular rhythm, difficulty with getting an orgasm, weakness, nervousness, intoxication, eye pain, dilated pupils, low or high blood pressure, itching, cold sweat, problems with taste, lethargic state.


 There are some diseases and characteristics of the male body when taking Priligy pills is prohibited or allowed in a reduced dosage.

  • If the patient is sensitive or allergic to one of the pill components.
  • If men have heart disease (heart failure, sinus node weakness syndrome).
  • The patient has fainting, a stroke or a heart attack.
  • Depression or a severe form of mental disorder.

 Also, a man cannot take these pills if he has:

  • Allergy to active and inactive pill elements.
  • Liver disease.
  • Heart rhythm problems.
  • Irritation, strain, vague thinking.


Also, this medicine is prohibited with the use of such medicines as:

  • Pills for depression.
  • Medications for schizophrenia.
  • Medications for the treatment of a bipolar disorder.
  • Antibiotics for treating infections.
  • Sleeping Pills (Tryptophan).
  • Strong pain medication (Tramadol).
  • Tablets for the treatment of migraine.

Priligy and alcohol

 Drinking alcohol with this medication is prohibited. This can lead to increased side effects: dizziness, slow reaction, drowsiness. It can be quite dangerous afterward that you cannot drive or you may faint and get injured. Even a glass of wine here will be banned because this medicine also affects the psychological state. There were cases when men felt bad and side effects became stronger. Use the drug without alcohol so as not to increase the risk of side effects that can harm your health.

Buy Priligy online

 If you understand how these pills work and it is suitable for you, then you can buy it online. Most patients buy this medication over the Internet because it is convenient and fast. Many reliable online pharmacies offer quality generics. You can also see that the price of these pills is quite cheap. If you buy Priligy cheap then you can be sure that such medicine will be effective if the online pharmacy is a legal platform.