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Sonata (Zaleplon)

Sonata (Zaleplon)


Zaleplon, sold under the brand names Sonata, is a sedative-hypnotic, used to treat insomnia. It is a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic from the pyrazolopyrimidine class.


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 Sonata is a medicament recommended for patients with sleep problems. Many people cannot fall asleep and get a good and healthy sleep. This medicine will help you to fall asleep quickly. This name is a brand drug that also has a generic – Zaleplon. This medicine is more popular than the original because it has the same effect but less cost. If you can’t fall asleep at night and the whole next day you feel tired, apathy, irritated, or drowsy then such medicament will be the best solution.

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Zaleplon Sonata dosage

Sonata sleeping tablets are taken orally. The dosage of this medication is prescribed by the doctor if the patient has certain diseases or other characteristics of the body. Take the required dose and take it before you go to bed. Any doctor will prescribe you a minimum dosage to check your body’s reaction to the active components of this medicine.

The standard dosage of this pill is 10 mg. But, here it is important to consider the age, health features and weight of the patient. People with low weight can not take 10 mg, 5 mg will be enough here. Side effects depend on the dosage, but some patients can take up to 20 mg without serious harm to their health. But these were rare cases and such a dosage was carefully observed by a doctor. Most often, patients should not exceed the dosage of 20 mg because it can be dangerous.

Sonata or Zaleplon capsules shouldn’t be taken if you plan to doze off. This drug is quite strong and you will need to sleep around 7-8 hours. If you took the medicine and got the necessary effect, but you should wake up ahead of time, then this can lead to impaired memory and concentration. In this case, the patient is prohibited from activities that require concentration: the use of equipment or driving a car.

Sonata side effects

The set of side effects is not big but it is quite rare. The doctor carefully examines your body and recommends an optimal dosage. If taken correctly, the patient feels the side effects of Zaleplon rarely. In a couple of hours after taking these pills, the patient may experience coordination problems, short-term memory loss, dizziness, or increased drowsiness. This is a normal reaction to the action of the active components of the drug.

Call your MD if you feel more dangerous side effects: changes in mood, mental disorders, problems with hearing or vision, thoughts of suicide, excessive exciting, confusion, and strange behavior. Also, the patient may receive an allergic reaction to Sonata and other side effects: difficulty breathing, itching, severe dizziness, swelling in the face or throat, tongue swelling.

Elderly people have a higher sensitivity to this medicament. Side effects here could be the following: problems with memory, confusion condition, dizziness, and bad coordination. Be careful otherwise it may result in a fall and personal injury.


Review the list of contraindications and discuss this with your doctor. If the patient has an allergy, then taking this medicament would be forbidden. Sonata (Zaleplon) is also prohibited for patients with liver disease, high blood pressure, strong depression, alcohol consumption, asthma, drug addiction, low blood pressure, and frustration due to personal problems.

It’s important to remember that people should not mix this medicament with alcohol or marijuana. It can lead to increased risks of side effects, as well as increased drowsiness and dizziness. If the patient uses marijuana, he should say his doctor about it. The consequences of this combination can be bad if, after taking the Sonata, to drive a car or operate technical equipment.

Zaleplon sleeping pill could be used during pregnancy, but it is important to discuss the dosage with your doctor. Some women have trouble sleeping during pregnancy and they are looking for medical supplies to get healthy sleep. Discuss the possible risks with your MD and follow his recommendations. Women also need to consult a doctor if they want to take this medicine while breastfeeding.

Also, the patient taking Zaleplon should not get up quickly from a lying position. It could make you dizzy so try to get up slowly.


This medicament could be called safe, but it can also have certain consequences after an overdose. It is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations to harm your health. There were cases when patients received an overdose and this led to shortness of breath and even fainting. Symptoms of an overdose of Sonata sleeping pill may also include bad coordination, sometimes it could be shallow or slow breathing, and sometimes – loss of consciousness or confusion. If it would be possible, contact an ambulance and explain what dosage you have taken.

Zaleplon vs Lunesta

Both of these drugs help people who have problems with insomnia to get healthy sleep. The dosage will be different and the effect time is also different. The list of side effects is the same – drowsiness, bad taste in the mouth or infection. The period of elimination of the medication is different: the first medication is 6 hours, the other is 1 hour.

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If the patient has problems with sleeping and his doctor recommends taking Sonata, then everyone can buy this medicine in our online pharmacy. You don’t need to spend time going to the pharmacy near your house – a couple of clicks and the drug will be near your door. In our catalog, there are not only brand medicines but also generics. If you need a generic of this medication, then you can find here Zaleplon prescribing information. We make medicines affordable for everyone; therefore we offer very cheap prices and high quality.

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